Aug. 30th, 2014 05:06 pm
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Wahey, we received some new love in our Who Are You sticky post!. If you're looking for fellow Nick/Greg fans to expand your Livejournal Friends List, check out the comments (and add your own squee if you haven't already:)

Also: you have two weeks left to send in your design in our NicknGreg Season 15 banner challenge!

(There is also a S14 picspam if you just want to ogle our guys:)

New season starts on Sunday September 28!
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Hello everybody,

To give everyone a chance to get to know their fellow Nick/Greg fans, we've moved this original introduction post (started in april 2009!) to the top of our community as a sticky:) Feel free to tell us about yourself and your love for our favorite CSI-guys. Below you'll find examples of questions you could answer, or just leave a smile to show us you are -still- around.

Look, I thought we had a relationship! )

We're looking forward to getting to know you better;)
Let's keep the Nick/Greg Love alive!

The mods

Yo, dawg.

Sep. 8th, 2004 09:31 pm
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Hey, I'm new to the Nick/Greg LJ community. Just thought I'd stop on by and say hi. I'm an avid slasher, I like books, computers, and long walks on the beach. You know, when it doesn't smell like feces. (Lake Michigan + bad sewage = smelly Milwaukee)

I'm StrawberyHooray's friend in real life. We're wacky. My favorite fanfics are anything with a plot, and my least favorite are most of the ones that end up on, which wouldn't be such a bad site if we could delete anything that has "a new CSI/lab tech joins the night shift. Greg/Nick/Grissom/Warrick & OC romance!" in the summery, or any variation on that theme.

Uh, I wish I had the motivation to write a fanfic, because I have a bazillion started, but I am the epitome of procrastination, so don't expect anything. And now I've blabbered on for long enough.

What I'm really trying to say: Hi!


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