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Found this wonderful gifset on Tumblr
CSI AU → Nick decides to stay with Greg in the hospital after his brutal beating. - made by Kaye. *chinhands*

If you know of other Nick/Greg goodies online: share with the community!
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No new episode yesterday, and I finally had time to catch up with season 13. Afterwards I got inspired to continue my Cute Subtext Inquiry for everyone who's curious about how our guys are doing this season. No case spoilers, I'm focusing on my OTP;)

Below I've screencapped a lovely Nick/Greg moment from episode 2!
With a special performance by Nick's pants... )

Previously: CSI: Nick/Greg S13Ep1
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During the holidays I finally managed to catch up with season 13. I was so pleased to see the chemistry between our guys is still there. Ooops, was that a spoiler? You all know they still sparkle together, right?;) If you were having doubts, I hope this post will take them away. To document my squee for season 13 I plan to make a couple of picspams with scenes that stood out. This is the first. Enjoy!

Cute Subtext Inquiry S13Ep1 )

I may do meta/whine posts on Nick's hair in the future. Because what the hell? I also noticed something interesting about his big ass ring, will share that in later investigations;)

Comments are love!

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For those of you who....
- need visual reminders of last week's episode
- want a Nick and/or Greg update without case spoilers
- want to ogle the guys

... I posted an episode picspam in my journal,
it includes close ups of Nick's new wardrobe and Greg's massive sunglasses;)

Come over for my Nick/Greg screencap summary of S12Ep5
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Hello everybody,

how are y'all doing during hiatus? Reading, writing, lurking? If you want to expand your friendslist, why not check out our Who Are You introduction post? There are still new Nick/Greg fans joining our little fandom-corner, go and meet them! Or share your own CSI-history:)

Unfortunately I have no update on the status of our WMTDB archives, but know that you can find links to a lot of other Nick/Greg fic-collections here.
As always you are encouraged to share fics you found and loved:). If you can't write or design, why not offer us your recs?

Let's keep the love alive while the guys enjoy their summervacation:)
For that purpose I made another quiz. Let's call this one Synchronized Scenes: I collected moments of Nick and Greg doing the same thing. Do you remember when.... Nick/Greg got all dirty or when Nick/Greg took his shirt off? )

Tell me the name and number of the 10 episodes (or if you just want to ogle the boys, at least let me know which scene is your favorite;). I'll reveal the answers next month...

Have fun!

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Artwork: Wallpapers, a manip, an icon
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Rating: PG-13 for manly nipples and guns
Spoilers: S11Ep11 and S11Ep15

To honour the birthdays of well known Nick/Greg authors [livejournal.com profile] bflyw and [livejournal.com profile] kennedy_unknown, I fiddled with some stills and screencaps from season 11. I handed these out as presents in my LJ last week and am now reposting them here for everyone to enjoy while we wait for the end of hiatus:)

Let's go, baby )

Pssst: I love comments - including concrit!;)
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Weirdly enough..! Extreme apologies for not having done some for the last episode yet, my internet router went splat and then it went boom and then it danced the conga .. well, okay, it didn't do the last bit, but it would have been nice to have a moment of merriment! And now I am suffering from extreme Illness of the Splat. *sniff*

But fear ye not, they have already been taken, and when I can work out how to put a few words together in a less haphazard fashion than the above then both new episodes will be inflicted upon you. In the meantime, have a few piccies to tease and bewilder... (needless to say, visual SPOILERS follow. Actual text will generally bear about as much resemblance to the episode as a polar bear does to a daffodil)

Clips are from the latest episodes, 13 and 14.

Read more... )
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Welcome to the next mildly diverting episode of screencaps from the latest episode. As usual, there will be spoilers in the sense that there are plenty of images from said episode, and a whole heap of captions which generally bears no relation to the episode or, occasionally, sanity.

This one appears to be more rambling than normal. Sorry about that! At which point we pause for a message from our sponsors, LJ Cut Incorporated.

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Welcome to the next exciting .. well, slightly chaotic and mostly inaccurate and appalling .. screencaps from the latest episode.

Given this one seems to have TONS of cute NickGreg moments, there's a whole heap of screencaps so the spoiler aspect might be more prominent in this one if you're good at putting things together.

I have spoiled this aspect by accidentally having quite a few out of order from the look of it, and the rambling captions normally have absolutely nothing to do with what actually occurred in the episode. My civic duty to confuse and baffle, as it were.

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Following a discussing about Greg's hair colour in S11Ep8 in yesterday's post, I'm offering a couple more screencaps. No obvious spoilers, but if you want to avoid all knowledge of scenes before you can watch them, don't click the cut;)

For good measure, I'm starting with two Nick/Greg shots;) )
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While I was collecting screencaps for a picspam of Nick's khaki pants from S11Ep8, I also saved some other pretty moments from that episode, that I love to share with you*. (It's mostly close ups, so not connected to the case, if you're worried about spoilers;)

Scenes from S11 Ep8 & a question about jewelry... )

*You are of course welcome to come check out Nick's ass pants in my journal;)
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Sadly with no Orgy Tips, nor Little Fuzzy Pink Thing. Well, unless you start getting metaphorical

SPOILERS! LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS! And a small piece of Yoga musing. But mostly SPOILERS!

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Screencaps of the newest episode of CSI. Now with 100% more parrot, and a handy "CSI guide to conducting threesomes", useful for those awkward moments when you're not sure what to do with a pot of paint and a balcony railing. Um, weirdly this post may need a rating of something above PG, as we're discussing dodgy practises. Please note that most of what I'm talking about has absolutely nothing to do with the episode in question

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Yes, some more screencaps out of context so some of them - like the teacup scene - have a nasty tendency to lend themselves to weird and wonderful captions. Larger piccies available if you click on the picture, although the quality isn't the greatest. I've mostly capped the few scenes with the boys together, so not as many as normal.

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Screen caps

Nov. 7th, 2010 04:22 pm
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A few different screencaps from ep07:

Spoilers under the cut! )
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I've tried to keep the level of "eeew" down to a minimum too. Graphics heavy, context light so a lot of the screencaps really look like they need amusing captions added. So, if someone does feel like adding some, I've numbered them as well ;)

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**Spoiler alert!**

Taken from the very latest episode, and since there were absolutely tons of the boys together (hoorah!) then there's a lot more than normal. And yep, I've got the map "looks" at the end, which were so incredibly cute ^^. Needless to say, the post consists mostly of screencaps, no context text, so hopefully those still to watch the episode shouldn't have it spoilt too much! *fingers crossed*

I've also got a few more from last week's episode with the hoarder. Nearly all caps will be bigger if you click twice on them to get them at full size. Feel free to use any for icons or banners or general graphics

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!!SPOILER ALERT!! - screencaps taken from the very latest episode (S11, ep 5). Okay, just for one particular scene, but just look at their faces... how can I resist?

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I hope this is okay here, I was busy watching the new episode and couldn't resist taking a few.. well, more than a few, although to be fair there's a lot less than I actually have! And it might encourage people to do random icons, you never know ;)

Needless to say, behind the cut is:
* Graphic heavy
* Spoilers if you haven't seen the episode (although it is going to be purely screencaps rather than description too)
* Individual shots of the guys rather than together

Mods, feel free to remove if it's not suitable ;) - also able to take particular screencaps if I've missed a favourite bit. Anyway, on with the piccies!

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Did you watch last week's episode? I've been wondering about a certain kinky scene (you know the one;) and after some fantasizing researching I figured out there was probably a missing scene... Don't click if you haven't seen it, spoilerscenes ahead! You have been warned.
My theory in screencaps and transscript of S10Ep18 )

So? What do you think? Also: someone should write follow up fic. *pokes authors*



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