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I really hope someone can help me with this...I have tried searching through the stories of authors that I regularly read, gone through this lj, looked through fanfic archives...I am desperate! I have read this story many times but I can no longer find it because I lost my favourites. I swear I could find it before simply by googling Nick/Greg and homophobia, but I can't find this fic anywhere. The whole premise is about Nick's homophobic buddies, and the budding feelings between Nick and Greg. Nick introduces Greg to some friends, and Nick's friends happen to have met Greg before this introduction, when he's wearing make up (and in a skirt, I believe?) outside a club waiting for a friend. These friends had thrown some homophobic slurs, and this unfortunately timing means Greg cannot be friends with these guys. (The unfortunate timing was Greg's thought; if I remember correctly, there was a line like, "But the timing was what it was." Greg thought that if they had met through Nick first before seeing Greg in a skirt, they could've laughed about it.)

More plot and ending here... )
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Hi I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. Nick and Greg were in a relationship. Greg's parents knew, but Nick's didn't. His sister came to Vegas and found out about them and told his parents. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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Hello to all of you.
I´m new on live journal and i love csi slash fics. I´m looking for a fic that i read but i can´t remember where. Maybe you can help me?

Nick's EX? boyfriend shows up in the lab and Greg is asking him who he is looking for but when Greg tells the Ex? boyfriend his name he gets angry and hits Greg. Later it is revealed that the ex? boyfriend read Nicks journal and knows that Nick got a crush on greg and that makes the ex? boyfriend jealous.
Nick now must go to Greg and tell him the truth about how he feels about him.
It's a story with a happy ending for Nick and Greg.

Who knows where i can find this fic?
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So I recently read Conversation by SLynn over on FanFic.Net and it was brilliant! Now it has got me craving fics where Nick and Greg are/have been in a relationship, perhaps for a while- doesn't really matter, and Nick really just wants to keep it a secret/maybe a little ashamed or whatever. Greg though, wants to not be affraid of people finding out and not have to hide. Really, just any fic(s) around those line would be AWESOME!!!!! Doesn't matter how long or short. I would like lots of angst though. Maybe Greg confesses to someone, on accident/on purpose doesn't matter, just to have someone to talk to. I would if at all possible like a happy ending for Greg and Nick.      
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i read a story on here a few years ago and it was about Greg and he was in the hospital and had bed sores and called his doctor lamb chop and he was married to nick so can some find it and post the link for it thank you so much
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Hi all,
First off, forgive me if I do this wrong. It's been forever since I've posted anything anywhere. I was watching CSI tonight and a random fic popped into my head for some reason and I cannot, for the life of me, remember where to find it or what it was called. The only things I can remember is that it was long and there are a few scenes that stick out in my head.
    1. Nick and Greg are living together - I don't think anyone actually knows they are living together
    2. Greg is reading a book on the couch and Nick curls up on his chest and reads along with him
    3. The whole team gets locked in a panic room of some sort and the team has to spend a long amount of hours there and couple up to sleep. Nick tells Greg to sing him the lullaby he made up for him.

That's all I can remember. If anyone can point me in the right direction as to where I could find the story I would really appreciate it.


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Hope this is okay, but since I haven't had any luck over at csi_finders I thought I'd try here. \

So its been more than a year now, and I am still looking for this fic. Here's what I remember from it.
The fic was from a while ago, possibly years back.
I'm pretty sure it was Nick/Greg, possibly established (i cant really recall). Greg is kidnapped and the abductor (i wanna say that it was a male kidnapper, possibly two of them) sent the Lab videos of him torturing Greg. I think Greg was tied up most of the time, to a pole or something. One time Greg got smart and recorded a secret message to the team at the end of one of the tapes. I remember that he told everyone to please leave the room except for Nick and it was over this recorded message that Greg confessed his feelings. The rest of the fic is fuzzy, and I may or may not be crossing more than one fic here, but I've been hoping these few scenes are enough to trigger anyone's memories.
Sound at all familiar to anyone?
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So, I know rusty_the_train left the community a while ago, but I really, really want to read one of her stories (If You Don't Come Home Tomorrow). Does anyone know if this story is still online somewhere, or if I can contact rusty_the_train and ask for her permission to read it again?
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Read these two stories ages ago and can't find them!

The first is a team fic which is actually just instructions on how to take care of your CSI team action figures. Really hilarious. 

The second is of Greg taking a shower in the locker room. The whole team comes and starts talking to him through the stall and teasing him and stuff. Also realllllyyy funny.

Anybody recognize these? Fingers crossed.

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Hey, all! I'm looking for a story and I need some help..... Details under the cut...

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Any help would be greatly appreciated!

fic search

Jan. 23rd, 2012 10:46 pm
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hi all, 
I'm a long time lurker, and this is my first post ever! (so sorry for any mistakes) I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago, I don't remember much, but I hope you can help me out. I believe Greg had to move out of his apartment, and Nick has a room left and offers it to him.Greg finds out Nick has nightmares, and comforts him. It turns out that Nick sleeps better when not alone, and they start sharing a bed. Of course it ends in a relationship.
I hope someone recognizes it...


Jan. 23rd, 2012 07:43 pm
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I hope this is acceptable.  I am looking for the following story:

Under the cut.... )
Any and all help is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
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hi was wondering if anyone could help me out.

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Still searching for this story.
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I have a quick fic request.

Does anyone know where I could find Stokes, Sanders and the Lost Tribe of Samartia by [livejournal.com profile] kennedy_unknown (Or if [livejournal.com profile] kennedy_unknown is still active on LJ if I tried to send a message)? I had the entries from this comm in my memories, but they were linked back to their LJ, and now they're friends-locked. I kind of fell out of nick/greg fanfiction awhile ago, so I don't know if there are any fanfic pages I should/could be checking anymore.

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I am looking for a story and hope you can help...

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Hey, guys! Thanks for the awesome 'long fic' recs you gave me last time ♥ I'm enjoying them very much.

This time, I'm out looking for your favourite post Grave Danger/Fannysmackin' fics. Bonus points for very happy endings and please, no deathfic :)

Thanks, guys.
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 So an hour or so ago, I suddenly thought about this fic I read AGES ago. And after some memory digging, the only things I could remember is that Nick and Greg go to a convention and there's lots of smut in the airplane, and the flight attendant is gay and they ditch the convention by telling Griss they're sick. I really really need to find this story or it won't stop bugging me! If you know which one I'm talking about then please please please put me out of my misery.
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Hi everbody!
I'm new to the community and saw ome great N/G fics here but I'm looking for some Mpreg or parenthood fics (especially mpreg) ;)
If anybody have some good stories of that genres to recommend me, I appreciate!

Thanks! =)


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