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Just in case you are wondering what Nick and Greg are doing on Tumblr, here's a sample of a recent post. Possibly NSFW, as Nick is taking his shirt off...

See, now we’re getting into this whole strip forensics thing… )

To our surprise the scene above is not the most reblogged/liked post, that is a tie between another scene from the same episode and a mystery set. Can you guess which one(s) that may be? Here's a clue: *achoo!*

Scroll through all our Tumblr goodies here (to check the amount of notes or to simply enjoy yourself with Nick & Greg;)

Next week there will be a new episode discussion. See you then!

The mods

P.S. Remember you can post about anything related to our guys! We welcome fics, artwork, meta, fanvids and whatever you think may be of interest to the community. Don't forget to put spoilers behind an lj-cut!
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S10Ep09 Appendicitement - PART 3
The final part of our remeniscing about this epic Nick/Greg episode. We've already had the Chestpat of LoveTM in part one and the Synchronized Look of Exasperation in part two, can it get even slashier? Oh yes it can! \o/

Who are these assclowns? )
Oh, boys. Hands up if you think Nick made Greg climb up that telephone pole just to stare at his butt? And where were they during Henry's ordeal with Shirley? To defend our statement of this part having the slashiest visuals, we'd like to put into evidence photo #70. Any objections? We didn't think so;)

The mods

P.S. Have you seen the latest episodes of season 13? Go here to discuss them!
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S10Ep09 Appendicitement - PART 2
Ahw, The Powers That Be are trumped this week by even bigger Powers and there is no new episode tonight. To still get our dose of CSI goodness, we're continuing our (road)trip down memorylane! In case you missed it: This is how it all started.

After giving Greg the patented Chestpat of LoveTM Nick walked away to find a working phone. Of course that was not the first thing he saw when he looked inside Harry's Hog Hideout...

I guess we should call it in, huh? OOoh, that's right: we have no reception! )

We loved how Nick and Greg responded the same to Hodges smartass remark; they are so in synch! Isn't it adorable how Nick tries to stay serious despite the weirdness of the situation. We also appreciate Greg taking orders from him without questioning. What was your favorite bit?

The mods

P.S. Next Wednesday there will be another new episode to discuss, yay. If you're still catching up, join the talk at last week's premiere-post
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S10Ep09 Appendicitement - PART 1
Of course everyone is invited to squee with us when we go down memory-lane, but especially for those of you who aren't able to watch Season 13 yet, here is a good old classic episode from Season 10 with lots of Nick/Greg. This episode was picked by [livejournal.com profile] rustie73 and is also in honour of Henry making it into the credits!

Remember when Nick & Greg (and Hodges) kidnapped Henry to take him out for ribs on his birthday? There is eye"flirting", Nick ogling Greg's ass and much much more. In fact, there is so much going on, this episode might as well be called: Nick & Greg's epic roadtrip adventure! To not overdose y'all we are posting this classic in parts. Here we go...

It’s a little bit of a drive, but don’t worry. Greg knows where it is. )
Anyone else think it was a bit cruel of them to scare Henry like this? (We wouldn't have expected this kind of joke from Nick, with his own experience in mind, then again, maybe this shows he is feeling comfortable in his own skin again? Discuss!)
How happy are we that TPTB made up for the lack of roadtrip footage in S9Ep09 19 Down...? We loved seeing Greg and Nick driving together shooting each other glances while the kids Henry and Hodges were bickering in the backseat.

Your Mods

P.S. If you did see the S13 premiere and want to talk about it, go here!.

P.P.S. The transcripts of Season 10 were written by RustyTheTrain. If you happen to (re)watch Season 11 or 12 and are making Nick/Greg notes, the mods would love to have a copy for future classic episode discussions:)
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S9Ep08 Young Man With A Horn
Even if you haven't seen Season 12* yet, here is your opportunity to squee about canon, because we're back with a classic episode full of Nick/Greg goodness \o/

Our two favorite CSIs are sent to the outskirts of town to investigate an old casino. Now we all know how much Greg loves to share his knowledge about Old Vegas, especially when he has Nick's full attention, so of course he goes into fanboy mode and Nick lets him :-)

But first there is a bit of a bittersweet moment, ahw.... )

So. What do you think? Wasn't this a nice set of moments? Which one did you like best? The one where Greg comforts Nick with just a look? The one where Nick indulges Greg's babbling? Or the one where they totally forget that Grissom is standing next to them?

We loved all of it :-D

Your Mods,

BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

*P.S. If you did see the final episode and want to talk about it, go here!. If you want to speculate about the next season -because CSI will be back after the summer, yay!- feel free to make a post. Just make sure all possible spoilers are behind a cut!!
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Hello y'all!
This classic post may seem familiar, because it has indeed been posted before. It was originally written on 26th-Nov-2009, but these past few weeks that post has been the target of spambots for some reason. Since notifications are driving us slightly crazy, we're closing the comments on that original post. You are most welcome to continue squeeing here or simply reminisce in silence. SO MUCH TO SQUEE ABOUT! ENJOY!


S8Ep2: A La Cart
Sorry we're a little late, but this classic episode had no less than SIX scenes worth of screencapping and we wanted to share all of them. The guys gossip in the dessert, they share childhood memories, Greg is making Nick run, they have fun in the lab and after they solve the case they go carting! (Oh and they do some actual work as well;)

Since there will be no distraction from the new season for a while, we figured y'all have time to focus on the subtext;) So together with screencaps we only offer what was said out loud: can you tell us what the guys were thinking in between?

Looks like things just got a lot hotter for you )

Okay, so we did include some subtext. *g* Just to get you started. Hope it got you in the mood:)

Your Mods,
Mangojunkie, Serenity, Sillie, BeeLikeJ


FYI Due to personal life still being overwhelming, the classic post-hiatus will continue for a little while longer, we hope that won't stop you all from sharing Nick/Greg love! Thanks to everyone who keeps sharing fic and comments *hugs to all*

-the mods-
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S2Ep07 - Caged
It's Oh no, Nicky time! Just like in S1Ep17 Face Life, when Greg tells Nick he had been handling radioactive uranium, Greg discovers something scary about Nick's crimescene... ! It's not all doom and gloom though; our boys are also talking about porn in the lab. Yeah, baby. *g*

Shouldn't you be looking at that under a fume hood? )
Greg winding up Nick is the best thing ever. Although credit to Nick for trying to get to Greg with the porn remark, but Greg didn't miss a beat in replying to that;) Heehee. Much teasing back and forth. Squee in the comments! Suggested subjects: Greg's hair! Nick's old ring! Greg's shirt! Nick's secret smiles! ALL THE THINGS \o/

Your Mods,

BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

*Man, Greg repeating Nick's speech pattern reminds us of a moment in S3Ep19 A Night At The Movies where Nick is doing the same with Greg. Very cute:)
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S9Ep16 - Turn, Turn, Turn
The final nominee in our Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment of All Time! It's Nick's birthday and we're all invited \o/ Sadly we only get to join the small party at work, but we get four scenes with the guys working together (and we can imagine what happened when they got home, right?)

Happy Birthday, Nicky )

So what kind of giftcard did Greg -supposedly- give Nick? Was it a real present or maybe something like a coupon for services Greg would provide? *grins*
Come on: lets party in the comments!

Also: link us to your favorite follow up or general Nick/Greg birthday fics!

Your Mods,

BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

Vote for your favorite from Season 9 in the latest poll!
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S8Ep17 - For Gedda
The last episode of season 8 didn't qualify for the final poll of greatest Nick/Greg moments. But that doesn't mean it isn't squee worthy! After all the Warrick drama, we were treated to this wonderful scene between our guys. Come and chinhand with us?

What is this, more research for your Mob book? )
We know in the past there has been some speculation about the distracting waitress, but we clearly saw how Nick only had eyes for Greg and we think we made our point. :-p Discuss!

Of course Greg ended up NOT going to LA after all, but that's a different story altogether (See next episode S9Ep1 and also S9Ep19)

Your Mods,

BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

Hey, you can still vote for the three episodes from Season 8 that were nominated in our Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment of All Time, Go here for the latest poll!
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S7Ep07 Post Mortem
Let's discuss the fourth nominated episode for Season 7 in our Search For The Favorite Nick/Greg Moment Of All Time! In the aftermath of Fanny Smackin' we find Nick in the courtroom stand, ready to defend Greg's actions. Of course our guys are not allowed to talk to each other, but the glances back and forth are clearly showing their feelings.

This isn't a trial, it's a circus. )
Granted: it's not a very festive episode, but we hope it will give you happy feelings none the less. Snuggle up to each other in the comments!
Season 7 was all in all a rough one, but it also gave us: The Jawclench of LoveTM (S7Ep04), The Wink of LoveTM (S7Ep13) and the Nick/Greg Nod Of LoveTM (S7Ep18)! You can vote for your favorite moment of Season 7 here. (There are links to all the mentioned Nick/Greg trademarks;)

We are going to take a little holiday break, but to keep you entertained we posted a musical prompt to inspire you to submit more fun fanworks featuring Nick/Greg.
Thanks to everyone who shared their creations in the past year. Best wishes for the final days of 2011 and we'll see you all back here in 2012!

*hugs and kisses to all*

Your Mods,

BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp
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S6Ep05 Gum Drops
Last weekend we posted the final three nominated scenes from S6 in our Search For The Favorite Nick/Greg Moment Of All Time, this is one of the finalists! A memorable episode of its own right, because we get to see the team have a picnic lunch outside of the lab! It's such a lovely glimpse into group dynamics, with of course a starring role for our Greg, who makes Nick laugh. (And is that thigh touching we see under the table?)

You're radiating this crazy feminine energy. )

Ahw, Nick is clearly still dealing with the aftermath of Grave Danger. Saw anything special going on between Nick and Greg? Know of follow up fic or meta? Share!

Thought this was the best Nick/Greg scene from the season? Or want to compare it to the other two contestants? For links and/or to vote go here!

We of course also love to have your squee in the comments!

Your Mods,

BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

  • Comfort by [livejournal.com profile] iamtheenemy, PG: Greg waits for Nick to come back from the hospital.
  • Hiding by clio21000, PG13: Nick’s reaction, Greg’s support, and Sara’s story.
  • Never Give Up by [livejournal.com profile] kissingchaos9, G: The only things in life worth living for are worth fighting for.
  • Passing Judgment on my Life by Dipenates, 8 chapters, R: A case comes up that forces Sara and Nick think about their pasts. Can Greg help Nick to realise that he's not in the good place he thinks he is?
  • Broken Souls by sparkleblsmchyld, R: Everybody has a hero.
  • [identity profile] nickngregmod.livejournal.com
    No new episodes until December 7, but we have plenty to offer you to get through this hiatus. Just look at all the stories that have been posted in November!

    The Final Poll for Season 4 in our Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment Of All Time is still open, Go vote here! All the winning scenes have already featured in previous S4 classic posts, but we still have some other episodes left for discussion. In this one TPTB offer us a musical montage of Nick/Greg. Sweet.

    S4Ep23 Bloodlines
    Plus we get treated to a profile shot of Nick's -ehm- pants, YAY! )

    Your Mods

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

    We also updated our NicknGreg YouTube channel with more classic fanvideos. Go check them out for an extra dose of LOVE:) (Angst is also available!)
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    S4Ep16 Getting Off
    Next weekend we're posting a poll with the episodes from Season 4 that have made it to the final round in the Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment Of All Time. Will this be one of them? Discuss!

    All I can tell you is it's an indole alkaloid. )

    Your Mods

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

    P.S. We update our NicknGreg YouTube channel with classic fanvideos every week. This time we also uploaded a couple of memorable scenes from CSI S3. You can still vote for your favorite of season 3 here!
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    S2Ep13 Identity Crisis
    Last week we revealed the five favorite scenes from season 2. This episode is one of the winners in the new round of our Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment. Let's see why it got nominated for the final, shall we?

    You know women do that. I read. )
    Hmm, this was another one of those random meetings between our guys. Why did Greg go to the garage anyway? He didn't seem to have anything to report to Nick.
    Also: Nick does everything in his power to not look Greg in the eyes. Not an unusual thing: Nick has made focusing on the job into an artform. This particular performance reminded us of a moment in S3Ep18.

    Think it's the best Nick/Greg get-together of Season 2? Go vote for this or one of the other nominees here!

    Your Mods

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

    In the mood to read?
    Scroll through all the community posts in October.
    Up to date with all the new fiction?
    How about trying our selection of old stories in the Blast from the Past post!
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    S1Ep22 Evaluation Day
    This episode got a lot of votes in our Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment and ended up as one of the four finalists for Season 1! We suspect it's popular because of a significant scene at the end when Grissom and Nick talk about Greg, but the main scene between our guys is worthy of speculating too. How can you not see subtext when two men are discussing nuts? :-D

    Exactamundo )
    Think it's the best Nick/Greg moment ever? Go vote for this or one of the other S1-nominees here!

    Your Mods

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

    P.S. That last scene reminded us of S2Ep11, when TPTB gave us another seemingly irrelevant Nick/Greg moment and Nick looked in on Greg without any reference to the case. You think they were trying to tell us something?
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    S2Ep19 Stalker
    To make up for last week's lonely Greg scenes, this time we chose a classic moment that brings the guys really close; there is an overdose of touching! Remember that departmental Newsletter in which Nick was featured as a 'Crime Stopper'? And how Greg made sure everyone in the lab got to read that article? And how Nick wasn't amused? Ahw, yeah, time for some intense neck-grabbing! \o/

    In his off time he enjoys creating and inventing toys. )
    The end... or is it?

    1We beg to differ, sir Warrick! (We think Greg disagreed with you too; Nick is hotter than Pink;)
    2Hmmm, we could only hear two taps and didn't see exactly where Nick's hand ended up... DISCUSS!
    3Did you know this was the last time Nick wore that smooth ring on his right middlefinger? After this case he didn't wear jewelry for a long time.

    Wow, those were some intense moments. Want to squee in the comments? GO!

    Your Mods,

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

    P.S. We found loads of follow up fic in the WMTDB archives! (Did you know the site is open again? We're still cleaning up behind the scenes, but you can read all the stories!)
    A Hundred Tapes Later by MoodyMuse - PG/G, featuring Archie and Jacqui.
    Stop My Heart by watashi - PG13, Greg has a nightmare.
    Going Home Alone by Liriel - PG/R, Nick goes home alone. But someone wants to keep him company. With sequel Going Home Together.
    Aftermath by CSIrocksmysocks - PG13, Greg battles his guilt and Nick tries to move on.
    Safe by K Lizzy - G, For the first time since this started, He felt safe.
    Walk Away by Shosen - PG, Greg finds Nick staring at Nigel Crane.

    We also recommend this episode recap at TwoP (remember that Greg is called Liam here, the grabbing scene starts at page 5;)
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    S1Ep13 Boom!
    Now that Season 12 finally started, it's also time for another walk down memory lane. Not that the first new episode didn't offer enough to talk about (on the contrary!) but we like to offer people who can't catch up yet a chance to join in the fun that is subtext:)

    We're going to ease back into the classics with an episode that keeps the boys apart. It's all in the interest of the case though, since Nick is the suspect here. Oh dear. Guess who's working the hardest to prove his innocence?
    Nick's little soldier... )

    With the lack of time spent together, this episode obviously didn't get a lot of votes in our Search For The All Time Favorite Nick & Greg Moment. You will find out which scenes are still competing for that title soon, when we continue with our polls!

    Your Mods,

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie and SlashxYouxUp

    For those of you who did watch S12Ep1, we recommend a rewatch of classic episode S1Ep06 - Who Are You to connect past and present (you'll see what we mean;)

    If you don't have access to new or old episodes, why not hop over to our NicknGreg YouTube channel: we just added a new fanvid to our collection:)
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    S1Ep17 Face Lift (part 2)
    Remember this post? We promised you more, so here it is! Nick is talking about sparkly bits, and Greg is being puckish. Oooh...

    Well, what do you say we check out that swab then, huh? )

    What do you think happened when Nick got home? Did Greg teach him about goofing off and letting loose in life, or did something else happen? Don't be scared to let us know in the comments!

    Your Mods,

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie, SlashxYouxUp and RustyTheTrain
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    S10Ep19 World's End
    After last week's golden oldie from Season 2 this time we offer a more recent episode for discussion. (We tried not to give too much away from the casefile, so those of you who haven't been able to catch up yet can hopefully enjoy the pictures without spoilers;)
    Three scenes from last year in which Nick is laughing a lot and Greg's sunglasses are too big for him (maybe there is a connection between the two;).

    You feeling lucky? )

    Well, that's what we think he was saying with that look;) Have other thoughts? Related memories, fic or art you remembered? Share!

    Your Mods,

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie, SlashxYouxUp and RustyTheTrain

    This episode was nominated in the FINAL poll in our first round of the Search for the Favorite Nick/Greg Moment!
    (When summerhiatus start we'll let you know about round two...)
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    S02Ep14 The Finger
    Hello everyone! Seems like a lot of you took a Nick/Greg break during hiatus. We hope now that there will be a new episode this week, y'all are in the mood to catch up with last week's classic (S04Ep08 After The Show) and the latest prompt-post (share Easter plotbunnies here!)

    For this week's classic moments we go back to Season 2. Greg is still living in the lab with his crazy hair and Nick looks a little lost in his huge sweater. Ahw, boys.
    Have you been eating peanut butter in the layout room? )
    Heh, maybe Nick is not as oblivious as we -sometimes- think;) We love to hear how you remember the scenes above. (We may have dabbled with the original transcript a little bit *g*)

    Your Mods,

    BeeLikeJ, Sillie, SlashxYouxUp and RustyTheTrain

    P.S. The subtext above was nominated in Poll #2: you can still vote here:)


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