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In 7 days the NicknGreg Paid account is expiring. As I explained last year, I'm giving priority to keeping the WMTDB archives up, and that's quite pricey, so I won't be paying for the LJ community anymore.
Don't worry; it will still be here, but the big difference will be that there will be advertising (which you won't see if you yourself have a Paid account). We'll also lose some storage space and possibly some other features. (I'm not sure what rules apply to communities)

If you want to keep the NicknGreg LJ ad-free, you can read about gift options here:)

EDIT: Thank you, kind people who gifted 12 months of paid time in total! That's another season taken care of for our LiveJournal:) If anyone wants to support NicknGreg in any (other) way; there's a PayPal donation button in the sidebar of our WMTDB story archives. Money collected there will go straight to paying for traffic on that site. Every bit helps:)
I'll happily explain finances in PM or mail if needed.


P.S. So excited about the new season (although I'm not sure about Nick's beard and Greg's lack of mousse;) Who's with me?
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No new episode yesterday, and I finally had time to catch up with season 13. Afterwards I got inspired to continue my Cute Subtext Inquiry for everyone who's curious about how our guys are doing this season. No case spoilers, I'm focusing on my OTP;)

Below I've screencapped a lovely Nick/Greg moment from episode 2!
With a special performance by Nick's pants... )

Previously: CSI: Nick/Greg S13Ep1
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During the holidays I finally managed to catch up with season 13. I was so pleased to see the chemistry between our guys is still there. Ooops, was that a spoiler? You all know they still sparkle together, right?;) If you were having doubts, I hope this post will take them away. To document my squee for season 13 I plan to make a couple of picspams with scenes that stood out. This is the first. Enjoy!

Cute Subtext Inquiry S13Ep1 )

I may do meta/whine posts on Nick's hair in the future. Because what the hell? I also noticed something interesting about his big ass ring, will share that in later investigations;)

Comments are love!

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This picspam is an award for [livejournal.com profile] rustie73. Because she won the Nick&Greg Food Quiz she got to pick a theme and she gave me a couple to choose from: Facial expressions / Hair / Loving or lusty glances. I focussed on the first, but the best Nick & Greg looks often include the latter. *grins* As I selected scenes from every season, it also is a tiny hairguide through the years. Hope this is to your liking!

I'm offering the picspam without commentary, but you are all of course welcome to comment on your favorite Nick or Greg expressions:)

First image is a banner especially for our amazing winner, all the other Nick/Greg pics are for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to save the ones you like.

Everybody wins! )

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Here's the moment you've been waiting for: the answers to the Food & Drink Quiz! I'm going to leave the original post as is, so people can keep playing. Before I reveal the answers behind the cut, I like to present the winners. Remember: you could score bonus points for quotes and ingredients. I'll start with the runners up:

[livejournal.com profile] randomslasher8: 4 episodes
Anonymous V: 6 episodes + 4 bonuspoints
[livejournal.com profile] karachilovaa14: 10 episodes + 4 bonuspoints

But ultimate winner for guessing ALL the scenes correctly
even before the additional clues, knowing lots of hilarious quotes
and being an absolute food-and drink buff is.....

[livejournal.com profile] rustie73: 11 episodes + 21(!!!) bonuspoints

Congratulations! Your prize is a picspam of choice.
Give me a subject and you'll get your score in Nick & Greg pictures:)

For everyone else who played at home or in the comments,
here are the answers: )

I want to thank everyone for their participation and sweet responses, hope you had fun!

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Hello all,
Some of you already played and I'm very impressed by the answers I got so far: well done! For those of you who had trouble recognizing or remembering the scenes, I added extra clues to the quiz. Want to give it another try?

I'll reveal the answers next week! Have fun:)

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I made a new quiz! This time the theme is food & drink and I chose scenes that involve both of our favorite guys, so hopefully it's a little easier than the last one;) There are clues underneath each scene, but I also included one or two trick questions, so it should still be a challenge....

Guess which episode these screenshots are from. You can score extra points for ingredients or quotes! Have fun :-)

The adventures of Coffeeboy & Burgerman )
How sweet is that last scene? *chinhands*

The comments are screened, so you can't check other people's answers. :-p Almost all of these are featured in the Classic Nick/Greg Scene Collection:)

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Oh my, this is embarrassing. I was going to post the answers to The Nick&Greg Summer PopQuiz but I had lost my notes. It wasn't until I had to go through my (extensive) Nick/Greg archives to find all the images again, that I realized I had picked rather general scenes and outfits for our guys.
I'm sorry the quiz was so difficult. I'm now superimpressed that [livejournal.com profile] randomslasher8 and [livejournal.com profile] karachilovaa14 made a brave effort;)

Before I reveal the answers I'd also like to give a special mention to blackflag on the CSI-LV Forum at Talk CSI for having a very well organized photobucket that helped me find the episode with Nick lying on his back;)

As an award to those who gave it a try (and an apology to those who couldn't), here are all the pretty/handsome photos seperately, so you can all grab whichever guy you like best for your own personal collection.

Answers with links to classic Nick/Greg moments when available! )
P.S. I also used my Nick & Greg hairguides to figure out where some shots came from;)

I promise to make a more playable quiz next time, hope y'all at least enjoyed the images:)


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Wow, I knew the new Summer 2012 Nick&Greg Popquiz was a bit more difficult than previous editions, but I had not realized it was such a challenge! Or maybe y'all are just too busy ogling the guys and forgot to guess the episodes? *grins* I understand, it happens:) To give you more time to enjoy the pretty investigate, I'm not revealing the answers just yet, so you can still give the Nick&Greg Summer 2012 PopQuiz a try! J.
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Hey y'all!

How are you doing? Are you still getting your dose of Nick/Greg during hiatus? Are there repeats of CSI where you live or do you have other ways to fill your summer? Do you read a lot of fanfic? (And where do you find your favorite stories?)

Just in case you need an extra shot of Nick/Greg goodness, here's a popquiz!

I made photo-pairs of our guys and it's up to you to spot the difference guess what episodes they are from:-) To make it more of a challenge none of the scenes feature them together, so you can't peek at the Classic episode discussions for help (although they may be fun just to browse through). But if, like me, you make it a habit to pay extra attention to either Nick or Greg I'm sure you'll recognize these moments. There is at least a lot to ogle;)

Ready? Set... Go! )

Bonusquestion: what episode is the scene in the banner from?
Score extra points by writing captions;)

Have fun!


P.S. I'm screening the comments. Answers will be revealed next week:)
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Have you ever read All The Way To Paris. by [livejournal.com profile] carolinecrane? It's a classic AU fanfic (from 2004) in which Greg leaves Las Vegas after the explosion in S3Ep22 Play With Fire.
If you don't know it yet, I recommend reading that (long!) story before you continue with the timestamp that Caroline posted yesterday;) Although you can probably read it as a stand alone: it takes place in the future of the Paris story 'verse.

Title: The Night Will Have No Stars
Author: [livejournal.com profile] carolinecrane
Rating: R
Word count: 3036
Summary: Weddings make everyone nostalgic.
A/N: Part of the Paris series.

Good old Nick/Greg schmoop \o/
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For those of you who....
- need visual reminders of last week's episode
- want a Nick and/or Greg update without case spoilers
- want to ogle the guys

... I posted an episode picspam in my journal,
it includes close ups of Nick's new wardrobe and Greg's massive sunglasses;)

Come over for my Nick/Greg screencap summary of S12Ep5
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The new season is still a long wait away, but hopefully another quiz will help to pass the time! The theme of this one is HANDS. Here are twelve close ups of Nick's and/or Greg's hands from Season 1 through to 11. Can you tell whose hands you see and what episode the scene is from? I will post the answers later this month.

Come on, give it a try! There may be a prize: )

Comments are always fun! Even if you don't know the answers. Maybe you remember a good story involving hands, let us know. Or maybe you are inspired to write an ode to Greg's fingers or share your thoughts on Nick's rings. Entertain us;)

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Hello all,

hope you're not suffering too much from the lack of canon adventures; I imagine Nick and Greg are enjoying a relaxing summervacation away from Las Vegas until they get back to work in September (Feel free to write about that;)

I'm thrilled to see we can still entertain each other: thank you, everyone who is creating, writing and commenting in this fandom; we are keeping the love going!

Before I reveal the answers and winners from last month's Synchronized Scenes Quiz (with bonus pretty pictures and links to classic episodes!), I have some public service announcements.

Sadly we said goodbye to mod [livejournal.com profile] rusty_the_train; thanks for all your enthusiasm and hard work, bb. Be well in real life and be sure to check in with our CSI guys every now and then, mkay? *waves*
For now the remaining mods will continue duties as a threesome, but if you have any ideas or suggestions for our community, we'd love to hear them!

No update on the status of the Desert archives; we are still trying to contact the maintainers. Until we succeed, we kindly direct you to the Nick/Greg corner on CSI slash for your fanfic-fix;)

And now... more dirty, naked, crouching Nick and Greg. YAY! )
Check out the episode links for a trip down memory lane with more subtexty scenes between Nick and Greg:)

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Hello everybody,

how are y'all doing during hiatus? Reading, writing, lurking? If you want to expand your friendslist, why not check out our Who Are You introduction post? There are still new Nick/Greg fans joining our little fandom-corner, go and meet them! Or share your own CSI-history:)

Unfortunately I have no update on the status of our WMTDB archives, but know that you can find links to a lot of other Nick/Greg fic-collections here.
As always you are encouraged to share fics you found and loved:). If you can't write or design, why not offer us your recs?

Let's keep the love alive while the guys enjoy their summervacation:)
For that purpose I made another quiz. Let's call this one Synchronized Scenes: I collected moments of Nick and Greg doing the same thing. Do you remember when.... Nick/Greg got all dirty or when Nick/Greg took his shirt off? )

Tell me the name and number of the 10 episodes (or if you just want to ogle the boys, at least let me know which scene is your favorite;). I'll reveal the answers next month...

Have fun!

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While I was going through my classic scene-collection I came across this moment in the lab from season 1 and I just had to make Greg's not-so-subtle-glance into a gif. (500x500 pixels behind the cut)

Teaser icon:

Meow! )
(You know he actually said that, right? Which kind of tells me all the girl talk was just to tease Nick;) Check out the complete scene in S1Ep18 $35K O.B.O. here!

Feel free to use however you please:) Comments are love!
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Hello all!
Before I reveal the answers to that quiz I posted last week, I have a quick update from the mod-team. We closed the polls of the first rounds in our Search For The Favorite Nick/Greg Moment and are tallying your votes. The winning scenes will be up against each other later (watch this space for announcements!).

And now, *drumroll*
The winners and answers of The Nick & Greg Look-Into-My-Eyes Quiz ) Links lead to classic scenes discussions, so you can check the screencaps and subtext for yourself. Don't get lost on memorylane;-) (*This episode hasn't been discussed yet, so link leads to episode post instead)

Have fun and keep the Nick/Greg Love alive during hiatus!
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There are still some questions unanswered in the Nick/Greg Look-into-my-eyes QUIZ! Can you identify the scenes? Click to play!

FYI: the answer to #12 is NOT S4Ep19 Bad Words;)

See? Greg's hair was auburn then and in the quiz it's blond. *chinhands*

I'll reveal the answers next week, until then you are invited to play and discuss those classic scenes:)

Don't forget the bonus-question!

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Hello all,

the modteam is regrouping and we're saving the classic episode discussions until we continue with the next round of polls. In the meantime I thought I'd offer something for in between reading fanfic;)

Here is the Nick/Greg Look-into-my-eyes QUIZ! I collected scenes from Seasons 1 through 10 in which Nick and Greg are gazing into each other's eyes. Can you guess which episode these moments are from? You can get bonus points by adding dialogue (or subtext;)

Click to play! )

*chinhands* Aren't they adorable?


Need help? Check the classic episode discussions!
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Artwork: Wallpapers, a manip, an icon
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Rating: PG-13 for manly nipples and guns
Spoilers: S11Ep11 and S11Ep15

To honour the birthdays of well known Nick/Greg authors [livejournal.com profile] bflyw and [livejournal.com profile] kennedy_unknown, I fiddled with some stills and screencaps from season 11. I handed these out as presents in my LJ last week and am now reposting them here for everyone to enjoy while we wait for the end of hiatus:)

Let's go, baby )

Pssst: I love comments - including concrit!;)


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