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Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!

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Hello all!

This is the final reminder to send in your banner for the S14 challenge; click on the image above for details.

If you have sent us your design (at and have NOT received a confirmation, please check your spam-folder and resend your mail if needed! We're keeping an eager eye on our inbox:)

You have all day today, as long as it is Saturday September 14th wherever you are:) Comments are screened, so if you have any questions or problems, you can leave them here!

Good luck with the arting!

The mods
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Only a month to go until Season 14 of Nick & Greg's Adventures (aka CSI;) Can't wait to play with the guys? Why not join our annual art challenge? If you're not feeling creative, you can spread the love by promoting it on your journal or blog*. The code below will show the promobanner with a link to the challenge post!

Don't forget this LiveJournal community is the one stop shop for everything Nick and Greg, from fic to vids to art to meta. So whatever you want to share about the guys is welcome here!

If you like playing around in other places, you can also find Nick&Greg at
  • Tumblr - a daily dose of subtexty scenes;
  • YouTube - a collection of fanvids (including playlists for every occasion!);
  • WMTDB - our story archives with tons of fanfic.

  • <---- Check out the sidebar for more fun sites!

    Your mods

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    Back in the day when that thing appeared on Nick's face I took immediate action. The photo-evidence I found had to be destroyed. In the spirit of this month's challenge (and to make sure the horrid picture of that post isn't the first thing on my flist anymore) I'm reposting my manip. Beware: behind the first cut is the original picture of the monstrosity. If you rather not be reminded of the experimental facial hair, scroll down to cut number two to see the result after some digital shaving *g*.

    GE Before )

    GE After )

    I welcome comments:)
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    I like to annoy y'all with some sketches.  I'm doing a picture for my friend, she wants Greg crouching and Nick watching him as they gather evidence.

    Comments/suggestions/concerns absolutely welcome

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    Another requested piece :)

    Cozy... )
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    Hey, its me again! Someone requested a N/G piece over at

    First kiss )
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    Few more doodles, if you're interested :D

    Look under the carpet
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    Lol, I tried to draw this piece in time for halloween, boy was I mistaken XD Sorry it's bit late, but happy halloween anyway!

    CSI x Supernatural!

    Just follow tha link ^_^ -> Halloween!
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    Title: Stick figure comic-ish thing
    Rating: PG 
    A/N: My internet was down today and it was raining and I got bored and made this! Stick figures on Paint! Woot! 
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    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the long silence, I had some personal things goin on... still have, so Im a bit moody :D Moody in a weird way.

    Anyway, here's some doodle I did.

    Doodle away )
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    I saw the newest episode yesterday and I was grinning a lot when Greg went rambling about stuff on a crime scene XD I swear he looked like he would start to bounce around any minute :D

    I did a doodle of a conversation between him and Sara XD I hope ya like it XD

    You know.... )
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    I had this image in my head for a loooong time now, and I finaly decided to put it out on paper. I inked it as well (that was fun, even tho I suck at it haha), and then edited in photoshop. It still needs coloring, so for now I'm just posting the outline :D I hope ya like it :3

    alone )
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    Ha! It's been a while since I drew CSI chibi, so I did more of them today. It went 'lil slower coz Im without my tablet, but I somehow managed with the mouse O_o

    Shadows lurk in the darkness )
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    I never knew how much I missed working in Illustrator until I opened it today again O_o And as much as I love vector art, Im really starting to hate it at the same time XD

    It's a weird day today, and honestly, I dunno what I drew. I mean, its Greggo right? Does he have ANY similarities at all? Ok, drawing in vectors is harder than hand drawings but the lines are so clean! 8D...Ok I'll stop whining now and let you guys give me some feedback ;)

    Vectors! )


    Oct. 7th, 2007 08:04 pm
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    Okay, I was so not in a drawing mood, so I doodled again. And since i was all hyped about seeing Greg with his new hairdo (which is so cute!!) I couldn't help myself... :D

    Warnings: Extreme weirdness ppl!!! Oh and a bit of mature...

    Behold, Gregness! )
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    Huaaa, this took me forever! Or it was just my imagination since the last few days have been...weird.

    Warnings: chibi nude!

    Do you mind...? We're trying to do something here! )
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    Ah, here I am again. Sorry for the long silence, I was on a vacation (sort of...). I did a lot of sketches, and I planned to post them all, but when I scanned, they turned out...kinda not ok. :D

    So, I went and outlined, and coloured.....and ended up with 2 pics. Hum, drawing with graphic tablet takes time! But I like the results, so I think its worth it :)

    Well someone's having fun... )

    I hope you'll like the art!
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    when I woke up this morning, it was already below zero and my grandpa turned the central heating on. Suddenly i wished it was winter already ^_^. Its my favorite time of the year whee XD

    Oh and I think Open Canvas just became my new best friend :D This is all computer drawn. It took longer than normal pencil sketches, but it looks nice enough... XD

    A bit of anime style :)

    Come closer, I'll keep you warm... )


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